Let's go!

Hi! You found my little blog spot. Awesome, welcome! So here is where I will be sharing some posts that will help you learn a little bit more about all thing’s crystals, witchy, spiritual, ect. My goal is start out with something weekly and then add on once I have some more pieces written up.

I have always been the worst at keeping a journal and am hoping this doesn’t end up the same way….. SOOOOO keep on top of me. If there is a topic you want to hear about, crystal you want to know about, subject you want to learn about, send me a message! Also, since this is a blog spot, it will be a lot less formal and polished than the rest of my site. This space is meant to be fun, engaging, informative and down to earth!

Comments are open, but I do not tolerate the whole “I can say anything I want to because I am protected by the screen BS”. I will not tolerate bullying, mean or offensive comments. All are welcome and safe here. Your comment will be deleted if I deem it to be offensive or out of line.

So, to get this rolling, comment below the topics or crystals you want to learn more about!

Happy Friday!


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