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Aurora Opal Heart Necklace | Wire Wrapped Crystal Healing Pendant with Chain | Uplifting ~ Creativity ~ Discovery

Aurora Opal Heart Necklace | Wire Wrapped Crystal Healing Pendant with Chain | Uplifting ~ Creativity ~ Discovery

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This handmade wire wrapped pendant is made with rose gold plated copper wire and natural crystals that are chosen individually for each specific energy. While creating each piece, I concentrate on charging each crystal with the corresponding energy and placing intention to help whomever this piece was meant to be created for. When finished, each crystal pendant is cleansed with incense and then charged with channeled energy and intention. Each pendant comes with a chain.

Pendant height is approx 0.75 Inches

Crystal Meanings:

Opal, Aurora: Uplifting ~ Creativity ~ Discovery

  • Manmade composite with natural crystals. A doublet is created by taking a sliver of lab created opal and fusing it with clear crystal quartz
  • Helps with lifting your mood and emotions.
  • Enhances creativity
  • Allows you to recognize your self-worth
  • Highly reflective and absorbs negative emotions.
  • Enables its wearer to discover their own uniqueness, grow where they need to in life and live life as their true self.
  • Chakra Influence: Crown

Important Info:

* Colors can look different on various screens. For accurate hues, phones are your best bet. *

**Friendly Reminder: **

Hey there! Just a quick heads-up: while crystals are totally cool for good vibes and all, they're not a replacement for proper medical care. If you've got health stuff going on, it's best to chat with a real-deal doctor or healthcare provider. Crystals aren't magic cure-alls, and they're not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure anything. So, enjoy your crystals, but keep it real and prioritize your health with the pros!

Información de cuidados

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