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Sunstone and Moonstone Necklace, Wire Wrapped Crystal Pendant with Chain, Balance ~ Divinity ~ Light

Sunstone and Moonstone Necklace, Wire Wrapped Crystal Pendant with Chain, Balance ~ Divinity ~ Light

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This handmade wire wrapped pendant is made with silver plated copper wire and natural crystals that are chosen individually for each specific healing energy. While creating each piece, I concentrate on charging each crystal with the corresponding healing energy and placing intention to help whomever this piece was meant to be created for. When finished, each crystal pendant is cleansed with incense and then charged in the Sunlight and Moonlight. Each pendant comes with a chain.

Pendant height is approx 2 Inches
Crystal Meanings:
• Crystal of new beginnings
• Most powerful in calming emotions
o Calms overreactions and eases triggers
o Soothes stress and balances emotions
• Promotes intuition and empathy
• Enhances psychic abilities and promotes acceptance of those gifts
• A strong Goddess, feminine stone; for balancing PMS, childbearing
• Good for insomnia and prevents sleep walking.
• Enhances creativity
• Chakra Influence:
o Sacral, Third eye and Crown- Helps connect to the Divine
• Brings light and joy to your life
• Great for Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression
• Brings confidence, optimism, motivation and positivity.
• Chakra Influence:
o Root, Sacral and solar plexus.
o Can clear and energize all Chakras

Care information

Your jewelry will need to be cleansed and charged from time to time. You can do this in many ways, but I find setting it overnight in the moonlight to be the simplest and most beneficial. Feel free to use whichever way works best for you. Do not cleanse with water. Certain crystals will deteriorate or break down from water. Wire is very delicate and pliable, be sure not to put pressure or wire will bend or can break. The crystals are also delicate and may break if you are rough with the jewelry. I recommend not to sleep with jewelry on. I am not responsible for broken crystals or wires that not been cared for properly. The wire may tarnish over time, you can use a metal polish.

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